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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

BEAUTY || My First Jo Malone Fragrance.

Jo Malone came into the store the other day. As in, THE Jo Malone. Of course, it was my day off so I didn't get to meet the fragrance mogul herself - apparently she's lovely in person and even bought my denim culottes which made me feel a tad better about missing this beauty giant. C'est la vie.
I've been meaning to buy a Jo Malone fragrance for a good few years. Owning a JM cologne feels like a rite of passage in the beauty world. But like all fragrances these days, they're on the pricey side. So I jumped at the chance of bagging one at World Duty Free before flying to New York two weeks ago. And I couldn't be more thrilled - especially as I managed to save £20 in the process!
I can't lie, I love buying a new fragrance before going on holiday because every time you spritz it, you're reminded of being away and all the memories come flooding back. This perfume will always remind me of New York which makes it feel that much more special. 
I went for Red Roses because it's a classic, sweet (yet not overwhelming sickly) scent. If I'm being totally honest, it wasn't the purchase I was expecting to make. After reading about the Plum Blossom Cologne on Lily Melrose's blog back in April, I went on a mission to smell it for myself and just fell in love. But I am a student after all, and was particularly perturbed by the £87 price tag - that amount can feed me for a month! As much as I loved it, it just didn't feel accessible and so I went something more in my price range and wouldn't make me feel tremendously guilty and/or have me living off chicken goujons for two weeks - LOL jk that's a regular occurrence during term time. I put the Jo Malone fragrance firmly on the back-burner for another time. 
Little did I know that it was Limited Edition and was no longer available by the time I finally convinced myself to make the splurge. So there I was, surrounded by what felt like hundreds of beautiful Jo Malone perfumes and about 15 minutes until the Gate opened. It was overwhelming to say the least! I very almost went for Velvet Rose & Oud but eventually decided on Red Roses because its effortlessly classic and just smells so beautiful. And I'm Lydia Rose so it fitted quite well ha. 
The staying power is pretty good, it seems to soak into your skin and linger for quite a while. In a way, I wish it was a little bit stronger but then again you always become desensitised to your own fragrance! So far, I'm loving it and I can see this huge bottle lasting a good year because you only need a small amount. My heart is set on the matching candle, pay-day could not come sooner..!


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