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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

BEAUTY || My Unsung Beauty Heroes.

In an online world of glossy, picture-perfect beauty reviews and impeccably styled women - it's safe to say that the blogosphere is nothing short of fabulous. But what about the beauty products we use of a near-everyday basis but that just don't make the cut? Because somehow, what brand of razor you use simply isn't quite as glam as a Charlotte Tilbury haul now, is it? Having been at this whole blogging thing for over a year now, I thought it was about time I gave my unsung heroes credit where credit is due!
I may get in trouble within the blogging community for this one. But if I can't be honest on the blog, then what's the point? Yes, I use an acetone based Nail Polish Remover - i.e. the cheapest alternative I can get my hands on. Because, well I'm a student and I'm not all that fussy. Plus, nothing upsets me more than spending an age trying to remove my nail polish with an airy-fairy moisturising remover. No, just no. If you're painting your nails, you're damaging them - simple as. This Superdrug Acetone formula does the job perfectly and costs under a pound. Simple and effective! And if my nails are looking a little dry and damaged, I'll apply some Dr. PAWPAW* balm to my cuticles and they're as good as new!
Cotton Wool Pads are a godsend - end of. They're usually on special offer on Superdrug so I snap two packets up for £2.50 just because I'll always get through them. I'm quite particular about what size I get though, anything less than a large oval doesn't cut it ha. I probably use these most for removing nail polish but they're also handy when I'm bothering to use an eye make-up remover. But they were really made to be used with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - another unsung hero that I've been loving the past few months. I bought this back in April when it was on special offer in Boots and have been hooked ever since. It's what I gravitate towards when I'm in a makeup-wipe mood - I know, shock horror. You pour a little onto a cotton bad, wipe it round the face, and it removes make-up seamlessly while leaving your skin feeling clean without that ever-so-cheap tacky feeling. I swear by the stuff and this cute little travel size is coming with me to New York on Saturday. I wouldn't be without it.
Razors are hardly ever talked about on the blogosphere. Who knows why, it's something most women use on a daily basis. Maybe it's because we still feel ashamed of our body hair... but I'll save you the feminist rant on that topic ha. I've tried a lot of brands in the almost ten years I've been shaving (eurgh how boring!) and it's only recently that I've had the epiphany that most razors are a total rip-off. Yes, any old thing will do the trick. A lot of women I know use men's razors for a close shave but for a clutz like me, I'm not convinced. Nowadays, I just go for the cheapest option (noticing a pattern here? #studentlife) and will just chuck them away when they lose their sharpness. On my last Superdrug trip, I picked up this 4-pack of Simply Venus razors and they do the job just fine. Disposable razors, guys, it's the way forward.
I'll keep it short and sweet with the Mitchum deodorant stick to avoid a TMI situation. It's just super-long-lasting and I never have one of those 'is that me?' moments when I'm wearing it. Fab for full days at work, not so great for potential white stripes all over your uniform... 
And last but not least, my trusty Mason Pearson hairbrush. Like I've mentioned in recent blog posts, I have a lot of hair - more than I know what to do with. My Mum bought me this for my sixteenth birthday and told me it was the Rolls Royce of hairbrushes ha - I remember not being all too sure of what she meant by that but fast forward four years and it's still going strong. It's one of those trusty brushes that combats knots while also smoothing out your hair, making it look voluminous and silky soft. I'll whip out my Tangle Teezer when things are really desperate but otherwise, this is an all-round winner of a hairbrush. I'll never use another!
So there you have it. The more ordinary beauty products that get me through the day - not so glamorous but so so necessary!

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