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Thursday, 13 August 2015

BEAUTY || New York City Break Make-Up.

New York, I love you. Or maybe more aptly, Sephora - I love you. I jest, I jest. New York is an incredible city which is only enhanced by the sheer amount of Starbucks’s and Sephoras on every corner. Let’s just say, this is my kind of holiday. And a city I can only visit on special occasions otherwise I’d be flat out broke. Because when you convert those dollars to pounds you can’t help but spend. Just me?
I’m getting carried away here. Basically, I went to Sephora on Sunday and had a little bit of a spree. They’ll be a video coming up very soon documenting my spending, but today I wanted to focus on the make-up I’ve been reaching for while I’ve been here. It’s all about long-lasting, heat-proof products (although it’s pouring with rain as I type this - seems like dreary weather likes to follow us Brits!). Because when the weather is beautiful and sunny, the last thing I want to think about is what my make-up is doing. 

I wasn’t always one for primers - I remember thinking when Benefit’s ‘Porefessional’ came out that it was a total rip-off product. And then I tried some on and continued to buy it for months at a time ha. But I’ve grown out of the silicone based primers of late and have been after something with a bit more hydration - cause I’m in my twenties now and have to start thinking os stuff like that, sigh.
So when my ultimate beauty guru, Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup, started singing Too Faced’s ‘Hangover Replenishing Face’ Primer’s praises, my ears pricked up. I’ve spoken about my unruly skin before on the blog. To summarise, it can’t quite make it it’s mind up - sometimes its oily, other times its dry which naturally makes shopping for skincare a little bit nightmarish. This primer is designed to give your skin a burst of hydration (as its filled with coconut water goodness) and some much needed TLC after one of those nights out… hence the apt ‘Hangover’ title ha. So far, I’ve just been using a tiny amount to prep my skin and I can say that I really love it. This primer just keeps things feeling fresh and hydrated which means I can skip moisturiser in the mornings. Two birds, one stone - all that malarky.

After this, I’ll go in with my favourite tinted moisturiser of the moment. I’ve had a bit of base overhaul the past few weeks - as much as I love my NARS All Day Luminous Foundation and will always keep her in rotation - I’ve been after something a little more lightweight and dewey for a chilled-out Summer look. I’ve already gushed about my NARS Tinted Moisturiser in a recent post so I’ll keep this short but when combined with the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, you’re left with natural looking skin with ample amounts of coverage - just how I like it. 
When I’m satisfied with how my skins looking, I’ll then go in with the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Filmstar Bronze & Glow’ to add some warmth to my complexion and complete that dewey finish. After that, I use the smallest amount of the Hourglass ‘Incandescent Electra’ - a new addition to the Ambient Lighting Blushes - which is the prettiest coral-y pink shade. Very different from anything I’ve tried before. And oh my god, I now understand what all the fuss is about when it comes to Hourglass powders. They are the butteriest, smoothest, creamiest formula and just glide onto your cheeks so perfectly. What I will say is that you can easily find high street dupes for this range - here’s looking at Maxfactor - but this Hourglass selection really does feel luxury. And the colour certainly packs a punch so I can see this lasting a long long time. Plus, the staying power is like nothing I've ever tried in a blusher - so I'm happy I finally splurged a little on this one.

Next up is eyes and eyebrows. The Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift is something I’ve hardly mentioned on this platform but a product I’ve used everyday since purchasing it back in April. It’s a great, easy-to-use option when you don’t want to do anything drastic to your brows besides adding a little definition and shape. Ideal for hot New York days. 
Sitting here, typing this post up, I’ve only just realised that this post is going to be very Too Faced heavy. Sorry about that guys ha. It’s a brand I’ve haven’t really used much in the past - in fact, I struggle to think of anything I’ve ever tried from them. There’s got to be something, I know there is. Anyway, I picked up the Natural Eyes palette because I’ve been actively looking for some browny, bronze-y, gold-y shades to complete my eye shadow collection. I love how the palette is made up - giving you three ready-made eye options along with a little pamphlet instructing you on how to use. I’ve only had it a couple of days but have gotten a lot of use out of the light browns and shimmery golds already. Feel like this palette deserves its own post somewhere down the line… keep your eyes peeled!
And of course, what is a LydiaLulu make-up look without mascara? And plenty of it. Again, I went out of my way to find the Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara because I’d read such great things. The first Sephora we went to had sold out but as I was making my way to Barnes & Noble along Fifth Avenue, I walked past the most incredible looking store and couldn’t resist a peep to see if they had it. And hurrah! They did. I have to say, the packaging is right up my street - a pink metal tube that feels lovely and weighty to hold. This mascara gives great volume and drama without drying out the lashes. In other words, it’s identical to Benefit’s ‘They’re Real!’ except it keeps lashes looking fresh throughout the day. If that makes any sense. So far, I’m loving it and can completely understand what all the fuss is about. Another beauty blogger staple that’s worth the hype. 
 And finally, yet another Too Faced lip product. I’d always been interested by the ‘Melted Lipstick’ range - as regular readers of this blog will know, I’m a bit of a sucker for a liquid lipstick - just wait till you see my§ haul! I chose probably the most ‘Lydia’ colour imaginable and went for ‘Melted Peony’, a very sweet light pink that’s not too garish. I’m thinking MAC’s ‘Snob’ but a little deeper in tone. This is quite an unusual product in that it doesn’t dry matte like I was expecting - because of this, it doesn’t have quite the same lasting power as other products I’ve tried. Having said this, it’s still a fab lip option. I love the cute, yet not so in-your-face, colour and it does keep your lips looking shiny and moisturised.

So there you have it! I'm loving this make-up look because it's so so easy for chilled out days on the beach (minus the eyeshadow) and posh restaurants in the evenings (plus the eyeshadow!). I'm feeling pretty happy with my purchases - it helps to go into Sephora with a plan! Maybe I should just steer clear for a couple days, at least for the sake of my bank balance ha. Here's to a Sephora Haul coming soon! 

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