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Thursday, 6 August 2015

BEAUTY || One Sweep Wonder Cheekbones.

Okay, so it may have taken me a few months to finally get round to writing this post. Four months to be exact. Oops. But in my defence, the Charlotte Tilbury 'Filmstar Bronze & Glow'  is one of those products that fits in so perfectly with your make-up routine that you can't remember a time without it.
Before this dreamboat product graced my collection, I had never worn bronzer. Nope, never. Or maybe once during an ill-timed makeover at a friend's house - and even then, I went home and scrubbed it all off. It wasn't that I didn't like the look of it on other women - I totally understood the appeal - but I always thought I was that bit too pale. And if you get the colour wrong then the effects can be disastrous.
My love of all things rose gold and Charlotte Tilbury is no secret on the blog. If I could, I would probably remain exclusive to her brand - with the obvious exception of NARS base products of course. As you would expect, the woman just gets make-up. She knows what her customers value and what I've tried from the range is never anything less than perfect.
Although I like to think I'm not all that susceptible to blogger's hype, my ears did prick up when I saw this beauty being mentioned in every blog post and YouTube tutorial under the sun. I remember thinking to myself, this is it, this is my entry into the world of contouring. Personally, I don't think this little duo is quite up there with the Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powders which are supposed to be the Holy Grail for achieving the perfect contour. For me, it's more about adding a healthy ounce of colour to the complexion. And me reaching for a bronzer felt like a big deal. Like huge.
As you can probably tell from the above picture, it's a product I reach for on a daily basis. If you read my original Charlotte Tilbury Haul back in April, then you can see that's been well loved. Quite a difference, no? A part of me thinks I should have taken more photos of it when it was all lovely and new - but then again, I'm writing a review four months down the line, obviously it's not going to be looking pristine!
Rambling aside, words cannot express how much I adore this duo. Yeah, not just love - it's full-on adoration. Blogger's hype is irrelevant, this really is a great little product. The texture of the powders are so fine-milled and buttery, they glide onto the cheeks like a dream and don't budge. As a bronzer newbie, I started off with a quick swirl of the powder and then swipe across the cheeks - I was happy enough doing that daily until I realised it looked just a little stripe-y. Whoops.

Nowadays, I go for the figure of 3 - starting in the middle of your cheeks and swirling the brush around the forehead and underneath the face to give a nice healthy glow. The idea is that this is where your face would catch the sunlight anyway and just serves to frame your features nicely. I use an & Other Stories Blusher Brush (which is poorly titled and a bit of a multi-purpose, does-everything-you-need-it-to-and-more kind of brush) as it's slightly slanted which really helps to sculpt the features while using minimal product. A winner.
Now onto my favourite part. I've seen mixed reviews of the highlighter compact - but for me, it's nothing short of perfection! A champagne gold that packs a punch without being too overbearing or turns your complexion into an oil slick - I can't sing it's praises enough. When in doubt, go with highlighter - everywhere. Down the nose, above the eyebrows, and on the cheekbones of course. Anyone else just enjoy applying highlighter? Maybe it's just because its so damn pretty, I don't know. Either way, a little goes a long way which makes it a winner in my books.
And now onto the small issue of its price. Ahem. £49 is probably the most I've ever spent on a single beauty product. Ever. Yet alone a product that doubles up as a bronzer - the Lydia of 2014 wouldn't even recognise me now. And to be totally honest, I'm nervous to hit pan because I know that'll be another £50 out of my bank account. But whether I'll repurchase the Filmstar Bronze & Glow isn't even a question - it's a total staple for me and rightly so. A quick look on the blogosphere and there are plenty of High Street dupes - I hear the Sleek Contour Palette is pretty good? - but you know me, I'd rather have a great quality, more expensive product than plenty of inexpensive, not-so-great options. And that's not to say Drugstore make-up isn't great - but in my experience (with the exception of Bourjois) high street powders can't contend with their high end rivals. A part of me wishes I'd never tried this palette because I'm totally hooked and will repurchase it till eternity - then again, what is a life without a warm complexion and highlighted cheekbones? Exactly. 

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