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Friday, 14 August 2015

BEAUTY || A US Nail Polish Haul.

Sooo... I've been in the US the past week. Being surrounded by Duane Reades that are open 24 hours a day means that I was always going to slip up somewhere. In other words, the Essie counter because omg they're so cheap and readily available here *insert all the multicoloured heart emojis*.
On our first trip I was pretty self-restrained, only indulging in 'Chillato' - a limited edition 'frozen pistachio' shade I've been after for months - and 'Mint Candy Apple' because obvs beauty blogger stereotypes. But then I went into Sephora later that day and my beloved Nails Inc is only $15 out here. In other words, it's 'half price' and there was no chance in hell I'd miss out on that deal. So 'Rose Street' was impulse purchased, naturally. 
By the time we made it to the Hamptons on Monday, I thought I'd be all nail polished-out. But no, because I forgot about this amazing little storefront in East Hampton known as Ricky's NYC which has a whole wall of Essie. Yep, I didn't stand a chance. More impulse purchases were made in 'Warm & Toasty Turtleneck' and 'Ballet Slippers' simply because I can't resist a sweet name and thought these were quintessential 'Lydia' colours. Oh and I finally got round to buying the Seche Vite topcoat that's supposed to be incredible. So far, I'm loving the glassy finish but time will tell with this one. 
Just because I wanted something girly and vibrant on my nails for the New York City part of our trip, 'Rose Street' was first up. I already spend too long gushing about Nails Inc on the blog (see here, here, and here for details!) so I'll keep this short. A truly winning formula that's durable, long-lasting, and quick to dry. I can't recommend this brand enough - 'Rose Street' is no different. 
'Warm & Toasty Turtleneck' is a colour I can see myself wearing all Autumn long - pretty and muted is always my favourite combination! I like my nails to be colourful but not too in-your-face and this Essie winner ticks all the boxes. An indulgent purchase, yes, but one I'll get a hell of a lot of use of. 
I felt no urgent need to pick up 'Ballet Slippers'. It had been on my absent-minded 'To Buy' List for a while (anyone else do this?) and I finally thought 'why not?'. I'd already bought enough make-up this trip, what's another nail polish? If I remember this rightly, 'Ballet Slippers' is the first Essie nail polish ever made which only enhanced its appeal ha. A very sheer pale pink that goes with everything - I like this think of this one as an investment and a finish I wouldn't usually go for.
I've yet to actually wear 'Chillato' myself but I painted my sister's nails yesterday afternoon and was thrilled with the finish. Again, a slightly different shade for me - I'd say it's a lime-y, yellow-y colour - but one that's more muted and interesting. A cliché I know, but it works as a nice pop of colour! Worth all the endless trips to Boots all around London!
And lastly, the classic 'Mint Candy Apple'. If you saw my Cornwall Diary Post, then you'll know that I chose this shade three weeks ago when I had a pedicure... which I'm still donning. Is that gross? Meh, I don't think so - I always try and make a professional pedicure last as long as possible! Hence why I've purchased the exact shade so I can top up the chips which are starting to appear... call me frugal, whatever! It's also nice to finally own this beauty blogger favourite - it rounds off my collection nicely. 

LOL jk I can't ever see myself saying 'you know what Lydia, you have enough nail polish. Let's give it a rest for a while.' Nope, nail polish is my favourite thing to buy - alongside lipsticks and coffee of course. I've certainly satisfied the craving for now... until next time Duane Reed!


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