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Sunday, 16 August 2015

DIARY || I Heart NYC.

After the most incredible week of strolling round Manhattan, spending all my money on numerous trips to Sephora, and four chilled out days in the Hamptons, I'm finally home. Sob. Literally just got home. As in, walked through the door, dragged my overweight suitcase upstairs and immediately began uploading my New York snaps. So please forgive my jet-lag ramblings, I'm recovering from a very long journey and only got about two hours sleep ha.
Anyway, I've been filming a vlog on the Nokia Lumia 830 which will *fingers crossed* be going live in a couple of days so I won't recount every single thing we did here. But I've got some amazing photos that I just couldn't wait to share. Most of them were taken on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, East Hampton village in Long Island, and the High Line walk down in the Meatpacking District. I'll let you have a peak. A Parks & Recreation marathon will no doubt get me through the rest of the day, nothing like Netflix to combat jet-lag..! Oh and nail polish, tons and tons of nail polish - like I said Sephora wiped me clean!


Happy Sunday! xx


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