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Friday, 18 September 2015

BEAUTY || Easy Autumn Updates.

Autumn is my favourite time of year. I know right, how original of me. But I love it for the same reason that everyone else on the internet seems to. Oversized jumpers, Pumpkin Spice Lattés, Autumnal dog walks, crisp mornings, and picturesque fireplaces burning away. Yes, I descend into full Autumnal excitement from when the High Street stores start getting their first drop of coats (can you tell I’ve worked in retail?). So when everyone was moaning about our typical British Summer this year, I was internally egging it on so I could whip out the cashmere jumpers. 
But of course, there also beauty aspects to get excited about too. Hurray for the return of dark nail polish, deep shades of lipstick, and sultry eyeshadow! 
I've already devoted a post to just how much I love the Nails Inc x Alice + Olivia collaboration but when I was collating Autumnal beauty pieces, I couldn't not include these shades. 'Rose and Poetry' (a deep wine coloured pink) and 'Midnight Merlot' (a purple so dark it's almost black) are, in my opinion, the shades of this season. Of course it's pretty standard to gravitate towards dark colours as we progress into Winter but burgundy is the colour of AW15. Hey, I'm no fashion guru but if I can happily keep up with the trends at least when it comes to my nails, I'm happy. 
I purchased my first Esteé Lauder liquid lipstick during my final week of work and haven't stopped wearing it since. Buying a berry, purple shade was a bit of leap of faith but one that I'm happy I indulged in. Sometimes it's good to push the boundaries a little! I outlined my full thoughts in a post last week but this shade is just so Autumnal, it had to be included. 

And finally, the NARS 'Dolomides' duo intensity eyeshadow. A panic-purchase I made this time last year when I had two days to put together an outfit (and make-up obvs) for the Freshers Ball. Oh but it was a good 'un. These little compacts are so easy to use for when I had just starting dabbling in eyeshadows. I sweep the pinky-purple shade over the lid and then blend a tiny bit of the dusty-brown into the crease for a sultry evening look. Or if that's not intense enough, running a fluffy blush under water also makes these eyeshadows really pop - in fact, they're really designed to be used with water. Personally, I like to apply hundreds of layers of mascara so I usually keep eyeshadow pretty low key - but this compact is such a sweet Autumnal update. I'd be lost without it at this time of year. 
So there you are, my quick and easy updates for a Autumnal beauty look. In true Lydia fashion, there's nothing too fussy in there. Just paired down purples - a winning combination for the upcoming season.


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