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Friday, 11 September 2015

BEAUTY || An Estee Lauder Lip.

Lipstick is my greatest love. The right shade can transform any look - from day to night, to sultry and sexy, to fun and playful - you just can't go wrong with a bold lip. It's got to the point where I feel naked without one. Gone are the days where I could apply some lip balm and be out the house in a flash. No siree, choosing the day's lipstick is a timely process. And one I wholeheartedly enjoy - my lipstick sets the tone of my day. I wish I could say I was joking..!
I actually saw this liquid lipstick (always a favourite round these parts) featured on The Chronicles of Her - a blog I've only just discovered. I saw it photographed and knew I'd have to buy it. The shade 'True Liar' is like nothing I have in my already pretty vast collection. It's definitely a purple - so it's absolutely not for the fainthearted - but it's berry undertones makes it that much more wearable on an everyday basis. 
I like apply to a very thin layer to start off with as this formula goes a long way. And when applied with the lipgloss wand, it's very tricky to only apply a little. Personally, I prefer this colour when it's just a stain as it's not so in-your-face. Although, when you really go for it - this colour is so eye-catching and beautiful. I can't wait to don it for nights out in Freshers Week as it can just feel a little 'much' for wear during the day.
My favourite thing about this Lip Potion (besides the colour, of course) is its experimental formula. I was expecting the finish to be incredibly drying - like the Stila equivalent I tried earlier this Summer - but found that it sits really comfortably on the lips. In fact, it's almost like a lip balm in its consistency which I personally love. When you first apply the product, it's very glossy and luscious and then dries to an almost matte finish which lasts well throughout the day. I would personally have liked it stay glossy in consistency because I love a Satin finish - but unless it's a NARS lip pencil, this usually negatively affects a lip product's staying power.
This is my first Estee Lauder purchase, I know right - shock horror, and I have to say I'm impressed. I've had my eye on the lipstick collaboration with Kendall Jenner and I might just have to indulge after how well this liquid lipstick has already fared. I always thought this was a brand targeted at older women - who knows - but after the success of 'True Liar', I'm totally on board. Did I mention it smells like sugary sweetness? Always a win in my books.
I'm so glad I took the plunge. Experimenting with lip colour is so fun and easy when you're used to it. Plus, purple is a shade I never thought I could pull off - with its deep, dreamy tones,
I can see myself pairing 'True Liar' with a more slouchy Autumnal outfit just to dress things up a little. Who says beauty and fashion can't work together?


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