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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

BEAUTY || Mascara Wars.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect mascara. Don’t pretend you aren’t too - every make-up enthusiast is! It all started way back when I realised that I needed to stop bulk-buying the best-selling Benefit’s ‘They’re Real!’ mascara. I’m not quite sure when I first noticed that the formula was totally drying out my eyelashes but I did and the illusion was henceforth shattered. Before then, who knows what I was using on my lashes? Benefit’s ‘They’re Real!’ was one long love affair. 
I then directed my attention to Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Full Fat Lashes’ for a while. All in all, a pretty good mascara. But when you’re used to the intense volume and drama of its Benefit counterpart, your lashes can be left a little lacklustre - but also much healthier! I used Maxfactor’s ‘False Lash Effect’ to pass the time before my next purchase which was, as expected, always when I was going to be in the States last month. So this post is a little overdue. Soz.
Having tried a tester of Benefit’s latest mascara offering, ‘Roller Lash’, in the March edition of Elle magazine, I had high hopes. I picked it up in Duty Free on a whim and was feeling pretty happy with myself. Mascara for the holiday was sorted. That is, until I actually made it to New York. Despite having already trialled and tested this mascara earlier in the year, I was so disappointed when I went to use it for the first time. The whole idea with this product is this it curls and lifts your lashes in one fell swoop. But for a girl with long, straight eyelashes, this isn’t always the case. Plus, the formula was so wet and clumpy, it left a really spider-y effect, circa my pre-teen years. I’ve also noticed that it has a tendency to run down my face throughout the day, leaving me with very obvious panda eyes without me realising.
Like all Benefit mascaras I’ve ever tried, the wand also scratches your eyelids which is not so fun either. I have a clumsy habit of always poking myself in the eye whenever I apply it - but that’s not the mascara’s fault of course..! 

Like most of the products I ended up buying in the States, Too Faced’s ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara came highly recommended from some of my favourite beauty bloggers based here in the UK. Plus, the first Sephora I went into had sold out which made me want it even more! The heart wants what it can’t have and all that. But all was not lost because I found it in stock in a spontaneous trip to the Fifth Avenue branch. And I’m so so happy I bagged it. I’d say this is doppelgänger of Benefit’s ‘They’re Real!’ minus the drying, impossible formula. I love this mascara because a few coats gives a very natural, everyday look but it can also be built up for an incredibly voluminous, evening appropriate smoky eye. It also applies like a dream and the bristles are soft enough to apply numerous coats without irritating your eyes.
Unlike ‘They’re Real!’, it’s so easy to remove at night and your eyes never feel weighed down by make-up. My only qualm is that it definitely needs topping up if you’re wearing it throughout the day - I would always take it to work with me to build it up on my lunch break.
‘Better Than Sex’ might be a borderline ridiculous name but in all honesty? This product is worth all the praise. Plus, the packaging is also right up my street. I’ve found that ‘RollerLash’ has much improved since the formula has dried out a little but I do feel like there is a clear winner between these two. But hey, you can never have too much mascara.


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