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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

BEAUTY || The Monday Morning Lecture Look.

Picture this. It's 7am on a Monday morning when your iPhone starts incessantly buzzing, trying to convince you to get out of bed. You seriously consider hitting snooze. You give in. Another nine minutes go by and you're faced with the same decision - by now, it's officially time to get up. Sound familiar? Yes I know I'm not alone in this daily struggle and the thought of 9am Monday Morning Lectures are already sending shivers down my spine.
But I'm always one to try and find ways to spend even longer in the comfort of my bed. Naturally. And so to reinvigorate me for the coming term, I've put together a quick make-up look that will ease me into the start of a new working week while also letting me get away with hitting the snooze button a couple extra times. Because there's nothing worse than caking your face in make-up when you're still half-asleep. In my experience, it doesn't end well! Admit it, you're not fooling anyone.
First off, make it your mission to find a lightweight, comfortable base to work with. There are plenty of BB creams, CC creams, and tinted moisturisers banging round the High Street these days. Personally, I'd be lost without this NARS offering which I reviewed back in August. See my full thoughts here, but to quickly summarise its a creamy, radiant base that keeps your skin looking healthy and glow-y. If you're not into a dewey finish then this isn't a product for you - but I've come to love and covet that natural look. It's not great when I'm really breaking out as the coverage is quite sheer.
I'd say this base depends heavily on the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. Another huge beauty blogger favourite - so much so that it's near impossible to buy in your local Boots or Superdrug because it's always sold out. Plus, Collection have clocked on to their winning formula and bumped up the price. Rambling aside, this concealer is fantastic at covering up blemishes and brightening up my complexion first thing on a Monday morning. 
When I'm done with base, I'll set it with any old powder - Bourjois Healthy Balance is my all time favourite - and then use a tiny amount of blush to add some colour back into my complexion. I picked up Hourglass' 'Incandescent Electra' as part of my Sephora Haul last month and I'm not sure whether it's made it over to the UK yet. Sure it's only a matter of time. I find that this cool pinky, peach tone works perfectly with Becca's golden-toned 'Champagne Pop' Highlighter and I apply this pretty generously on the cheekbones to amp up the glowy-ness of this make-up look. 
When I'm happy with how my complexion is looking - it's all about brightening things up these days - I then focus on my eyes. To keep up with the gold-y, peachy theme of this make-up, I'll then do a quick swipe of a NARS Velvet Shadow Stick in the champagne shade, 'Goddess', along the eyelid and messily blend with my finger. I don't want this to be a noticeable eyeshadow look in the slightest - it's all about brightening the eyes and making them pop i.e. so you look awake and alert! These eyeshadow sticks don't apply quite as smoothly as the By Terry alternatives but they do the job.
Once this is done, the rest is easy. I apply a couple of coats of Benefit's Roller Lash mascara to really open up my eyes and then a slick of Fresh Tinted Lip Balm and I'm good to go. 
I know this has turned into quite a waffly post - but in actual practice, this look takes me 10 minutes max. So in my calculations, that means I can hit the snooze button twice and not be late. Or, you know, set my alarm for a slightly later time ha. Anything to make Monday mornings more manageable! On the plus side, at least you'll look alert during your lecture - even if you've had a big weekend! #studentlife


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