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Sunday, 13 September 2015

DIARY || Finishing in Retail and Packing for Uni.

I'm typing this on a Saturday evening, i.e. the night before I go back to Southampton for my Second Year of uni. And oh my goddddd, I'm feeling conflicted. I know, I know, just three months ago I was despairing about being home and what I was going to do with myself. But in that time I worked practically full-time and had developed my own little daily routine of visits to Pret and scheduling blog posts whenever and wherever I had the chance.
It's weird, it's like I'd only just adapted to being home and now it's time to shoot off again. Sure any other student bloggers will know what I'm talking about here. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining - I'm SO excited to get stuck back in to uni life and see all my friends - but it's always weird leaving home. Hmm. I'm just thinking out loud now ha.

My days off this week were spent squeezing family and friends in before I leave for uni. I managed to catch up with an old WHISTLES colleague (hey Felicity, if you're reading!) which was so nice as it'd been a whole year since we'd properly had a chance to talk. I've worked with so many great people in my time in both the service and retail industries but everyone always ends up going in their own directions - so it was especially nice to see Felicity after all this time. We chatted like no time had passed at all.
This wouldn't be a LydiaLulu Diary post without a picture of Django now would it? Albeit, as nuts as this cat is, he's not all that helpful when you're trying to take a quick snap. He REFUSES to stay still - but I did quite enjoy this photo of him mid-yawn.
Domino's Veggie Supreme pizza. Always. This was my Tuesday night and it was glorious. Although, having abstained for the whole Summer (literally don't know I did it), my all-time favourite pizza did leave me feeling a bit groggy afterwards. I may have to take it easier next time. Sob.An out-take of Friday's 'Estee Lauder Lip' post - because trying to take a good selfie, actually showing how nice a product looks, can get a bit boring. This one didn't quite make the cut but it did make me laugh.HOW CUTE IS PEGGY HOW CAN I LEAVE?? I took this picture and then she growled, that's how...!
Okay I'm going to get all student budget and eager now but this is probably the best bargain I've found in a long time. I like to have a big mug to drink my tea out of in the mornings - don't ask, it's a thing I have, I like the extra caffeine and tea somehow eases me into the working day.
Anyway, I broke my morning mug before I can home for Summer and I've cheekily been using my Dad's NY Times coffee cup everyday without him noticing. But if I took it with me to Southampton? Yeah, he'd definitely not be pleased. 
So I went on a mission in John Lewis during a lunch break to find a replacement and I stumbled upon this beauty in the 'Reduced to Clear' section. I bagged it for £2 alongside a matching cereal bowl. I was so chuffed - and how gorgeous is the muted pink/purple shade? Right up my street and didn't even break the bank. Winning.
And on the other side of the spectrum, I finally caved and bought a Diptique candle - I'd been lusting after the Violette scent for months now. I'd literally walk into Space NKs everywhere, go up and sniff it, and walk out. I thought it was about time. Plus, the way I justified it to myself is that my upcoming room for Second Year is a little on the grimey side (or so I'm expecting) - it'll feel a little more homey this way! Don't judge me.
And in true Lydia style,  I've left all my packing until the day before. And there's a lot. I always question how much stuff I truly need whenever I go back to uni. But there's nothing worse than getting dressed/putting your makeup on and realising you left something at home. So I just take it all with me, wherever I go. Thank god my Dad is driving me down! 
And I'm going prepared, I have all the tools to make my room all cozy - two throwovers, a posh candle. plenty of posters, and some fairy-lights too. I have a feeling this is going to be a good year.

Happy Sunday! xx

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