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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

SHOPPING || NYC Purchases.

So guys, this is going to be a bit of a miscellaneous kind of post because I couldn't fit it under my usual 'BEAUTY', 'STYLE', or 'WRITING' headings. As anyone who has been on my blog in the past three weeks will already know, I went to New York at the beginning of month and tried to buy the whole of Sephora. Well, I didn't stop there - in fact, I made plenty of other purchases too. Mainly in the stationery and literature departments because LOL jk I'm an English Student with no self-control. And for me, no trip to the States is totally complete without a quick look in Madewell which turns into a massive trying-on and spending a little too much on a pair of killer jeans. Naturally.
If you're a reading-enthusiast then you haven't lived until you've been in an American bookstore. Specifically, the Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan - it's a Literature student's dream with four floors of texts and quirky stationery, a Starbucks, and free wifi. I could have stayed there all day, this store is right up there with the Waterstones in Piccadilly Circus! See? I'm useful for more than just beauty reviews and hauls ha.
Yeah, so that's my somewhat lacking defence as to why I went a little mad on the book front. I bought four in total on two separate occasions because I just had to go back again with my Mum an hour before leaving for the airport. But hey, I'm a English student - this is my area of expertise! I picked up Susannah Cahalan's 'Brain on Fire', Amy Bloom's 'About Us', Rosalie Ham's 'The Dressmaker', and finally Alexa Chung's autobiography - because hey, American prices and it was in paperback version. Don't judge me. I have to say, I love American books - trust me, I know stupid that sounds - but they're just so pretty. Which isn't to say that us Brits print ugly books, but when you're used to Oxford Classics editions of just about everything ( #englishstudentlife), buying a really Instagrammable book feels like such an indulgence. And I indulged big time - plus, I'm trying to cut down my internet time so these novels are proving useful ha. And I've just been enjoying reading for pleasure again this Summer.

In the midst of my book spending spree, I spotted this notebook with 'I DID MY BEST' scrawled across the front - thought it would be perfect for Monday morning lectures when I don't quite feel like pushing myself. So it was a motivational buy, you see. The next notebook I bought was on my final day in the city - I stumbled across a arty shop in Soho and they were selling these beauties for $6 each which is roughly about £4 so I naturally snapped a couple up.
My final 'Miscellaneous' purchase(s) were these cute little images that I bought off a street corner (sounds dodgy haha but all very legit - promise!). From what I've heard from my uni flatmates, my room for second year is a little rough round the edges so I bought these to stick on walls/decorate my desk just to make things feel more homey.

I was pretty good on the clothes front during my time there - working in WHISTLES means I'm pretty happy with my wardrobe of late! Having said that, Madewell jeans are always a must. I've had a pair for over a year now and they only get better with time as they soften and mould to your figure without losing their shape. Honestly the best jeans I've ever tried. This time round I went for the High Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans in Bristol Wash with a distressed finish. The perfect off-duty jean.
I accompanied my Mum and Sister in J Crew not really thinking much of it - as much as I love Gemma Lyons, I wouldn't say J Crew is really my style. That is, until I saw the Ava Glitter Ballet Pumps in black fushia. Scrap what I just said, no one can resist glittery shoes - I feel like a 21st Century Dorothy whenever I wear them and I love it.
Again, I had never shopped in EXPRESS but my Mum wanted to try one of their best-selling camis and they were on special offer, so I thought why not? I went for the Deep Purple and am wearing it layered with a burgundy cardigan and my denim A-Line skirt as I write this. My current favourite slouchy day-off-work outfit. 
And finally, I couldn't resist this LuluLemon hoodie (similar here) on a rainy day in East Hampton. It's lovely and cosy and has little thumb-holes. Enough said, comfort comes first for me! Safe to say it was worn the whole journey back to the UK.
So there it is, everything I bought Stateside. I know this post has been a bit of mismash of purchases - as much as I love buying as much as I possibly can in Sephora, nothing gets my heart racing like a good bookshop and a pair of swoon-worthy jeans. What can I say, I'm a shopaholic with many interests..!


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