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Friday, 4 September 2015

STYLE || The Investment Boot.

I can't resist a black ankle boot. I have five pairs and counting. FIVE. I feel guilty just typing that out. Who needs five pairs of black ankle boots?! Me, apparently. The only way I can justify my ridiculous spending habits is that a classic black ankle boot goes with absolutely anything.
Remember way back in March when I wrote the post, 'R.I.P Topshop Ankle Boots?'? Where I said goodbye to a much-loved, hardworking pair of boots and retired them to the charity shop? About that... it didn't really happen. Those Topshop babies just held too great a sentimental place in my heart, I couldn't bare to part with them. They were with me through my last year of school, when I dropped out of uni, I wore them for my WHISTLES job interview, and they're regularly donned on nights out in Southampton. Sure the Dune pair got a little use at first but they were just a little too high for everyday use. So my foolproof Topshop snuck back into rotation and have stayed there ever since. I still love them but they have the biggest hole peeping out the front - wearing them in public was becoming shameful!

So when these boots (WHISTLES Lotus Elasticated Top Boot) came into the store two weeks ago, my heart skipped a beat. They are such a classic 'Lydia' boot - they're everything I look for an ankle boot, it almost felt like I'd designed them myself! 
I love that they're gathered at the top - it just breaks up an outfit and adds a sophisticated, feminine detail while also making your legs look longer. Height wise, the heel is 8cm which is a tinnnny bit bigger than I'd normally go, but with shoes this pretty, my feet can suffer a little bit more than normal! The only slight down-side with these is that they're a suede finish which isn't so practical as plain leather - but hey, I've sprayed them with a protective shield. I'll just have to be extra careful with them in the rain but I personally like when a pair of shoes look a little loved. Just me?
I'm currently living in a uniform of Button-Down A-Line skirts, sheer tights (an AW15 staple according to British Vogue waheeey), and some kind of cami/jumper pairing on top - these boots work perfectly to dress things up a little. I tried them on with this beautiful Topshop coat today and they looked fab! I actually looked like a 20 year old woman for once - I'd say my attraction to the same oversized jumpers I wore when 16 prevents me from looking my age most of the time ha. 

I have to say, one of the things I love the most about these shoes is the silver hardware. I feel like women fall into two camps these days - either you're a gold or silver jewellery lady. Personally, I've always been about silver - maybe it's something I inherited from my Mum, who knows? Either way, these shoes just slit so effortlessly into my wardrobe - always the sign of a good investment piece - I can see myself living in them all season long. 
And yes, I'm aware that I'm always banging on about WHISTLES - and of course, I do work there so I'm naturally a huge advocate of the brand! But I am a pretty savvy shopper these days and I will only splurge on things I know that I'm going to get loads of use out of. Yes, my Fast Fashion days are long over - here's to more sensible and stylish spending! All starting with my fabulous new boots.


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