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Friday, 3 June 2016

BEAUTY || Another NARS Base.

Finding the perfect make-up base is like finding your perfect pair of jeans, once you've found them its hard to go back. Well, when it comes to foundation NARS is my Madewell. I'm not convinced that made much sense. Basically, if you're need of a good foundation (or lipstick for that matter) then NARS is your brand.

Like all beauty lovers, I tried Sheer Glow back in the day but never really understood the hype - it was just too heavy for my oily, adolescent skin. So when NARS released the 'All Day Weightless Luminous Foundation' early last year, my ears really pricked up. You can take a trip down memory lane and read my full thoughts here as this beautiful product functioned as my entry level foundation, the one that really got me hooked on bases. Since then, I've also purchased their equally hyped up tinted moisturiser which is perfect for Summer months but not so great for the Winter when my skin is looking dry and pale. 
Realistically, it was only a matter of time before I bought their newest foundation release - the 'Velvet Matte Skin Tint'. I don't typically go for matte finishes, my combination skin usually means that it works well enough for my oily T-Zone but product tends to cling to the drier areas on my cheeks and round my forehead. Nice.
So I resisted the initial hype and waited for the real honest reviews to start pouring in from around the beauty blogosphere. However, it was a mixed bag - this seems to be a real love/hate product. It was actually my sister's seal of approval that convinced me to go ahead and splurge. I knew if she loved it then I would too. 
And she was right, this is such a nifty base to have in my collection. It has such a radiant finish and covers imperfections without making you feel caked in make-up. I combine it with lashings of the Rimmel 'Match Perfection' Concealer under my eyes to illuminate things a little - but I personally think I could get away without concealer and your skin would still look fresh and luminous from the foundation alone. That's the thing, although this product has been marketed as an oil-free alternative to their first tinted moisturiser, I would absolutely call it a foundation with the lightness of a moisturiser. The thing I love the most about this product is that it evens out my complexion, stops it from looking dull, and combats any redness. It's also so easy to wear as an everyday foundation which is hassle-free and doesn't look 'too much'. I'm student after all and don't like to rock a full-on make-up look for days spent in between lectures, the library, and the gym. I'm wearing it here with concealer, a sweep of blush, and plenty of mascara as always.
I find it applies best when combined with a hydrating base (such as the Too Faced 'Hangover Primer') and a damp Beauty Blender to really buff it into the skin and stop it from clinging to those oh-so-dreaded dry patches. Skin tone wise, I'm at my absolute palest and currently match the shade 'Finland' which is the second lightest in the collection in comparison to 'Groenland' which I wear in the tinted moisturiser form .One of the other bonuses of this product is that it has SPF 30 so I never need to worry about sun burn when I'm wearing it! The only downside to that one is that it really does smell of sun cream when you're applying it but that's not something that personally bothers me. 
So there you have it, yet another NARS success story. Nothing to shocking about that though, I'm a self-confessed #NARSissist and this beauty of a foundation has done nothing to change that.

P.S. The first ever UK NARS boutique has opened in Covent Garden - go have a swatch of this foundation if you're in the area!


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