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A 22 Year Old London Girl documenting her love of all things Beauty and Lifestyle related...

My name is Lydia and I'm a 22 year old writer living in South-West London. When I left university in March 2014, I was desperate for a creative outlet. That's when LydiaLulu was born. At first LydiaLulu documented my everyday 'gap year', working-in-retail ramblings. Since then, it's naturally developed into a Beauty and Lifestyle blog with the occasional Fashion post thrown in for good measure.
I'm currently studying English Literature at the University of Southampton and loving every minute of it. Growing up, I always had my head in the clouds or my nose in a book. It was always my dream to spend my days reading.
I'm also the proud owner of five bonkers animals - three cats, two dogs - and have earned the nickname 'Crazy Cat Lady' among my loved ones. It's a title I take seriously and wear with pride. Plus, I have a mad coffee addiction having worked in my local Starbucks during my final years of school. I'm a three cups a day kind of gal. I'm also a firm believer in the power of retail therapy.
But above all, I'm a writer. Always have been and always will be. LydiaLulu gives the chance to do what I love in my own little way.

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